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Redbud Artisan Market is an all handmade market, showcasing original art and fine craft of some of the finest Texas artists. This unique show is usually held several times each year in a nice indoor venue with each artist available to talk to you about their own art. Each show is dedicated to representing many mediums of art ,including woodworking, jewelry, pottery, glass art, metal art, wall art, papercraft, mosaics, basketry, photography, musical instruments and more...Take a look at the Upcoming Shows to see when our next in person show is!
This website came to be after the pandmeic happened and for now, my hope is that that each Showcase artist will be discovered by even more customers and that future shows will grow in attendance. Online shopping is still one of our best ways to find amazing art!
Our artists usually travel around the state to shows like this one to make a living. Please let them know that they are supported! Thanks to the wonderful artists on the Showcase! Please select Artist Showcase, from the menu above, to go shopping! If you find something you'd like to purchase, contact the artist directly! The contact info is on their page. Follow us on Instagram! @redbudartisan, and on Facebook.
Redbud Artisan Market has gotten back to having outdoor shows, mostly in Fredericksburg under the large pavilions at the Marktplatz on Main Street, a wonderful venue, open to the public and a great facility for a show. Check the upcoming show tab to see what's coming up !

A Bison
Jeff Howell Art
Illuminated Objects
Texas Made by Laurence
Rebecca Wang
Lisa Adkins Baskets & Beads
John West
Dalton Designs
Paper Etc Art
Kat Zinna Art
LaJuana Westerfield
Hepcat Art

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